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Madame Marissa was trying out a new way to punish a slave. She had a blog and many people looked up to her to set standards. Being good at punishing slaves, she always set the standards and had a huge following. This time round, she made a video showing dominas how to humiliate their slaves. She showed them a simple way of making sure slaves were properly punished. This method involved making them spread out their hands and jumping on their fingers and trampling them with shoes.

Mistress Maeva's best place to trample slaves is usually in the woods where their cries of pain when she's trampling them with her high heels cannot be heard

She just met him but her desire to trample him overcame her and she did it without caring that it was in a public place. This mistress is daring and does whatever she wants whenever she wants

A walk to the woods turned out to be the worst nightmare for this slave, and he was tortured and humiliated by someone he thought was going to give him a good time. Mistress Leelo pinned him down and with her military gear, trampled and stomped on his stomach and face. She didn't mind the obvious pain and discomfort that she subjected him to. She even jumped on him and didn't spare his hands and throat.

Black boots with spikes and high heels are what these sadosisters use to torture their slave. He is on his stomach while they take turns trampling his back then he turns over and let them walk up and down his check and stomp on his face too. Afterwards they torture him some more by making him lick their shoes and boots clean.

Princess Pumagirly loves to humiliate her shoe slave when she uses her full weight to trample her slave causing him as much pain as she possibly can. She loves laughing in his face as she tramples his body and standing on his head with her dirty boots. She loves when he's in pain worshiping her boots as she gives him a hard trampling all over while laughing in his face.

In this special clip you can get an experience of what it takes to be a living door mat. Mistress CP. wears her brown pantyhose, a white skirt and her favorite black high heels. She walks all over the victim which is you. She rubs her dirty soles against your chest and forces you to lick up all the dirt right off her soles.

French mistress Zaza orders her slave to lie down on the ground in the middle of nowhere. She steps right on his body wearing dirty high heel boots and tramples him very hard. She not only steps on his stomach or chest - she aims for the more vulnerable areas like his groin, his throat or his head! After a vicious trampling she even forces him to lick her dirty boot soles!

Lady Buffy loves to punish her slave with her sexy black glossy boots. First she makes him kneel in front of her and lick her boots clean like a good little puppy. Right after that he is made to lay down on the ground in front of her so she can easily step on him with her full body weight and her sexy boots. She walks over him and stomps him with great pleasure - what a cruel mistress.

Mistress Claire wears her black killer boots in this clip. Her slave is laying on the ground waiting for her to use him as living carpet. She smiles down at him and begins to walk all over him. He suffers for her and she loves having his face looking that kind of tortured and punished...

The dark Mistress wears a red latex suite in this clip and she looks really awesome. Her slave is leashed and follows her as she wants him to. She makes him lick the dirt off her sexy black plateaus and after that she removes her shoes so make him lick and worship her sexy bare feet which are covered with mud and dirt...

Mistress Lydie returns to her car after a long nice shopping trip. Her slave is laying on the ground as she commands him to lick her sexy boots clean. He immediately starts to remove any dirty spot by using his tongue. She enjoys his submissiveness and tells him that his good behavior will be rewarded when they arrive back home...

Mistress Britney enters the stable of her horse and surprises the char boy doing a bad job! She decides to punish him right now. She overwhelms him and throws him on the ground. Next he is made to lick her dirty muddy boots. After that she tramples and stomps him very amused...

Lydie sits on the sofa with her really sexy boots on. She relaxes and suddenly notices that her boots are not as shiny as they should be! She is angry and calls out for her boot servant who enters the room very quickly. Of course he starts to lick her boots shiny again all around. After that he is rewarded by being trampled with her entire weight...

Mistress Lydie and Mistress Alyzee went out for a short walk. They took their slave with them. After they got to a place where they are alone, they command their slave to lick their sexy black leather boots clean. They make him kiss and worship every inch and laugh at him because he seems to be so pathetic down to their feet...

Mistress Buffy and Dark Mistress took her slave into the nature to give him a hard femdom session. First the trample him under their boots and sneakers before he has to lick the mud from their shoes - followed by some hard kicks into his balls.

Mistress Maeva's wearing a pair of black boots with chunky heels. First she tramples her slave in the woods and stands on his back while he's on all fours. Later she forces him to lie down on the dirty ground again, sits down on his stomach and forces him to worship her boots.

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