Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

All articles tagged with "Boots Trampling"

Mistress Nikky wants to test her young slave for his trampling endurance and train him for her friends that'll come over in an hour. She starts trampling him wearing her high heel boots and he's moaning in the pain these sharp heels are causing him. After a while she takes off her boots and tramples him under her bare mature feet.

French mistress Lydie tramples a slave at the beach wearing her hot high heel boots. She's looking totally awesome wearing her short skirt and black boots. Her slave also has to lick her boots while she's still trampling him.

Mistress Maeva's wearing a pair of black boots with chunky heels. First she tramples her slave in the woods and stands on his back while he's on all fours. Later she forces him to lie down on the dirty ground again, sits down on his stomach and forces him to worship her boots.

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