Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

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Madame Marissa was fed up with the way this guy behaved and she did not want him on her team. She had to make him change then or chase him away from her team. So she used her dirty boots to trample the shit out of him and he was lucky she did it away from the other team members because it would have been both painful and humiliating for him.

I made it very clear to the slave after my last hiking trip that he was supposed to lick the dirty soles clean, but when I grabbed them today I saw the soles are still covered with dirt. Obviously, I can't tolerate this laziness! I put the slave into the facetrampling box and start to walk over his face with the dirty hiking boots. The deep tread surely hurts him a lot, but that's not my problem

Princess Pumagirly is back for more, this time in the prettiest pair of yellow and pink chuck taylor boots. Her willing victim lies on the floor as she tramples on his head and body in her stinky sweaty boots, releasing the spicy tang of her unwashed feet as she gets turned on from the hard trampling session she's inflicting on him. This cute young girl sure knows how to trample hard.

Mistress Maeva and her slave are doing a walk in the forest! She wears her favorite white leather boots - and gets angry as she notices dirt on her sole and heel. Now her slave has to take care of the shoe cleaning with his tongue. She lets him suck the dirt off her heels and soles and laughs while this humiliated loser swallows every muddy bit for her...

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