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Madame Marissa wanted to teach her friends how to humiliate losers. She had a slave so she called the slave to the kitchen and she told him to lie down. He did as told and he was trampled hard. Madame Marissa showed her slave how to trample the slave and they did it. They had a lot of fun and forgot that the slave was in a lot of pain.

This guy was drunk and tried to go backstage where these mistresses were rehearsing. They did not take his interruption kindly and they sought to punish him. They made him remove his shirt before they trampled him with their shoes. They even did it while smoking. The guy was drunk and at first could not feel pain. But as they continued, he started to gradually become sober and the more sober he became, the worse the pain being inflicted on him felt.

Whenever she's trampling someone, Miss Elise likes to use her sneakers. They are more effective than her bare feet and they do more damage. She tramples her slaves all over their bodies

Mistress Victoria is dressed up in shorts and sneakers to get some exercise by running. But why go outside when she has a slave she can violently trample on the bed. Much more fun! She stomps and jumps on his face, trampling his head and causing him lots of pain.

After a long and sweaty jogging session, Mistress Kitty returns home to torment and dominate her foot worshipping trample slave. She undoes her hot and sweaty trainers then forces them into his face so his nostrils are filled with the hot and spicy aroma of her dirty smelly feet. She also presses her wet and stinky black socks into his nose and tramples over his willing body in this humiliating session.

Just imagine if you were Princess Pumagirly's foot slave. She would make you lie on the wooden floor, just like her obedient foot slave in this clip, and then she would put on the stinkiest dirty pink boots and proceed to trample all over your head and naked body again and again using her full weight. Then she would force her dirty boots hard into your mouth and demand that you lick them clean.

Mistress Maryline is outside with her shoe slave when she decides that it's time to trample his body, she commands him to lie down on the ground when she climbs on top of him and with her dirty sneakers she begins trampling his body jumping on him and causing as much pain as she can. This foot femdom then stands on his face using her full weight to trample him from head to toe.

Mistress Katja has her loser slave on the floor. She is wearing her purple sneakers while trampling him really hard. His body and face are crushed under her soles. She then takes the shoes off and tramples him with her bare feet until he moans in pain. To shut him up she puts her sweaty smelly feet right into his face. He is smothered by her soles.

Goddess Pio is trampling all over her slaves skinny body with her black sneakers. Putting her full body weight on his chest she has a lot of fun stomping the loser. But she is also kicking his face quite hard a few times before she lets him lick the dirty soles of her sneakers.

Mistress Katja puts the training device right on her slave. Then she starts her daily workout as if it would be the most normal thing in the world. The slave has to carry hers and also the weight of the device but the anyway ignores him and his suffering and continues with her training and a big smile.

Mistress Melissa tramples her slave with her sexy spandex. She walks all over him with her sneakers and smothers him with her glossy and tight ass. Then she takes off her shoes and makes her slave worship her stinky smelly bare feet. He does whatever she wants and agrees to become her living foot stool...

Lady Sarinah is trampling her slave victim in this clip. She walks all over his body and puts her stinky smelly socks into her slaves mouth. He has to lick all the sweat right out of them as she smiles and taunts him for being a sweaty sock licking bitch.

MIstress Lisa and Dark Mistress are having a humiliation party with one of their slaves. He is transformed into their living carpet boy who has to carry them both at the same time. Then they sit down on the sofa and make him kiss and worship their sexy boots. They also take his watch and crush it with their sneakers and boots...

Mistress Lena walks outside in the garden with her sexy sneakers on. She enjoys the sun and the good weather - as she noticed that her white sneakers have become a bit dirty, she calls out for her slave who suddenly arrives. She makes him lay down and forces him to lick and worship her nice sneakers until they are shiny again...

Two sneaker wearing young and sexy girls are having a lot of fun by torturing a slave who is helplessly delivered to them and laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him in turn with their shoes and laugh every time he cries in pain. They also trample is head with their full weight. That poor guy is nothing more than just a living carpet to them.

Mistress Samira tramples her slave. In this clip she and her cruel girlfriend Lady Ronja are trampling her living carpet in turn. They wear sneakers and plateau boots as they stand on her victims chest with their full and entire body weight. He is wimping and moaning but both girls are having so much fun that there isn't any mercy to expect...

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty have arrived home from the theatre. The show was great and now they want to have a drink before they go to sleep. They call the house slave to become their doormat while they stand at the bar fetching some drinks. They trample him with their full weight. Both beauties are wearing sneakers and seem to enjoy their cruel actions...

Mistress Cathy likes it to torture and humiliate her slaves in one step! In this clip she does both. She tramples one of her victims with her entire body weight while she wears sneakers. Then she humiliates him by getting out of her shoes and makes him smell them. At last he is trampled with her sexy bare feet...

Xenia tramples a weak slave under her hot brown sneakers. She tramples all over his body and face wearing them before she takes them off and continues to trample him under her socks and finally her bare feet.

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