Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

All articles tagged with "Mistress Kitty"

The slave gets the brunt of Mistress Kitty's hard trampling as he lies shirtless in the alleyway taking her abuse and suffering the total humiliation. Sexy long legged blonde Mistress Kitty has a good time trampling all over the slaves body in her pink strapped wedge heeled shoes. She tramples him from head to toe and even jumps up and down on his stomach wit a lot of force too

Mistress Kitty tortures her useless foot slave as he worships her high heeled sandals that crush his nipples and brutally dig into his stomach. Mistress Kitty viciously tramples his balls and crushes his throat with her sexy high heel sandals.

After a long and sweaty jogging session, Mistress Kitty returns home to torment and dominate her foot worshipping trample slave. She undoes her hot and sweaty trainers then forces them into his face so his nostrils are filled with the hot and spicy aroma of her dirty smelly feet. She also presses her wet and stinky black socks into his nose and tramples over his willing body in this humiliating session.

This slave is trampled by to gorgeous mistresses. Lea and Kitty commanded him to lay down on the ground into the water where they can punish him. His complete head is covered by water as they make him become their living doormat. But there's nothing he can do. Both girls are continuing their evil punishment...

Mistress Kitty tramples a guy's balls under her high heels at a beach. She grinds her sharp heels deep into his groin and loves how he screams in pain and begs her to stop. But this French beauty knows no mercy and really tries to crush his balls under her shoe soles.

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty are having lots of fun trampling her slave in the living room. They trample him in turn with her sexy high heeled boots. They spit on his face and even jump on his chest with their full weights. He isn't able to do anything against it since the other girl is standing on his inner hands...

Mistress Lea and Mistress Kitty have arrived home from the theatre. The show was great and now they want to have a drink before they go to sleep. They call the house slave to become their doormat while they stand at the bar fetching some drinks. They trample him with their full weight. Both beauties are wearing sneakers and seem to enjoy their cruel actions...

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