Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

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The Sado sisters make their submissive think that they will go easy on him by not wearing high heels or even shoes, but that was his mistake, as they trample him with even more power in their dirty smelly socks.

Mistress Katja puts the training device right on her slave. Then she starts her daily workout as if it would be the most normal thing in the world. The slave has to carry hers and also the weight of the device but the anyway ignores him and his suffering and continues with her training and a big smile.

Mistress Melissa tramples her slave with her sexy spandex. She walks all over him with her sneakers and smothers him with her glossy and tight ass. Then she takes off her shoes and makes her slave worship her stinky smelly bare feet. He does whatever she wants and agrees to become her living foot stool...

Lady Sarinah is trampling her slave victim in this clip. She walks all over his body and puts her stinky smelly socks into her slaves mouth. He has to lick all the sweat right out of them as she smiles and taunts him for being a sweaty sock licking bitch.

Tall amazon goddess Iwona tramples her slave who is laying on the ground with his hands bound together. He isn't able to move or to escape her as she tramples him with her white socks and also with her bare feet. She has a lot of fun humiliating him and making him lick and worship her large feet as she stands on his chest with her full weight.

Jessy tramples a slave with her sexy white socks. She walks all over his chest and body with her full body weight. Then she takes off her sweaty socks after rubbing them once again over her slaves face, to make him lick and worship her bare feet. She continues to trample him and laughs at him...

Xenia tramples a weak slave under her hot brown sneakers. She tramples all over his body and face wearing them before she takes them off and continues to trample him under her socks and finally her bare feet.

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