Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

All articles tagged with "Mistress Xenia"

Sexy Mistress Xenias slave is helplessly delivered to her as he lays on a sofa with his hands bound together. She walks over his body, jumps on his chest with her ankle boots on and then she takes them off to punish him with her sweaty bare feet. He takes all the punishment like a good slave...

Mistress Xenia always needs to check if their new boyfriends are trample-approved because it's very important for her to turn her boyfriend into a living carpet. So she stomps and tramples her slave who's hands are bound together and who's laying on a couch, with her entire weight while she wears sexy shoes...

Xenia tramples a weak slave under her hot brown sneakers. She tramples all over his body and face wearing them before she takes them off and continues to trample him under her socks and finally her bare feet.

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