Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

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Sexy Russian girl Adriana tramples her slave with her pink nallerina flats and her bare feet. The bare feet trampling is harsh as Adrian tramples all over his chest and face and verbally abuses the slave. She looks very hot with her cute pink ballerina flats on as she is walking across his chest and face area. The tall hot blonde than takes off her shoes to reveal her bare feet

In stark evening lighting, this beautiful long legged girl has decided to walk all over her foot slave using the same pair of old black ballerina shoes that she dances in. The shoes are dirty and give off a ripe aroma of sweat as she shows no mercy, trampling and crushing his head and body beneath the full weight of her body until he groans with sweet pleasure, just as you would too.

Gorgeous mistress Lea tramples her living carpet with her sexy black flat ballerinas. She walks all over his chest and humiliates him by making him lick the dirt off her soles. The slave performs any command as wished and tries to obey his mistress as good as possible even as she shoves the front part of her shoes right into his mouth...

Three girls are having a lot of fun by torturing their little slave who is laying on the ground next to their royal feet. He has to lay there motionless so the girls can trample him in round. Each girl steps on him and makes him lick the dirty soles of her shoes clean. The guy is humiliated very much and also trampled by three very beautiful girls at the same time...

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