Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

All articles tagged with "Outdoor Trampling"

Mistress Chanel's slave is lying on the dirty outdoor ground and she will trample him with her dirty black boots. She puts the muddy soles on his body and pushes the high heels into his skin. Again and again she wipes the dirty into his shirt. While her full body weight is concentrated on his soft belly, he moans in pain. But his merciless mistress even starts jumping and ignores his complaints like always.

Mistress Lena walks outside in the garden with her sexy sneakers on. She enjoys the sun and the good weather - as she noticed that her white sneakers have become a bit dirty, she calls out for her slave who suddenly arrives. She makes him lay down and forces him to lick and worship her nice sneakers until they are shiny again...

Three girls are having a lot of fun by torturing their little slave who is laying on the ground next to their royal feet. He has to lay there motionless so the girls can trample him in round. Each girl steps on him and makes him lick the dirty soles of her shoes clean. The guy is humiliated very much and also trampled by three very beautiful girls at the same time...

Mistress Lydie and Mistress Alyzee went out for a short walk. They took their slave with them. After they got to a place where they are alone, they command their slave to lick their sexy black leather boots clean. They make him kiss and worship every inch and laugh at him because he seems to be so pathetic down to their feet...

Mistress Maeva has a short walk in the forest with her slave. He is leashed like a dog. Suddenly she decides to torture him a bit. So he has to lay down on the ground while she tramples him with her sexy red ankle boots. Then she makes him lick and suck the dirt off her heels. Since he doesn't perform a good licking job she slaps him.

Brat girl Anna tramples her slave on a field of a farm. She digs her hot high heel shoes deep into his body and hands and makes him scream in pain. He not only gets this massive pain from his young merciless mistress but is also covered with dirt from her shoes when she finally decides to let go of him.

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