Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

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Kacie and her friend Gia wanted to show Kourtney how bad they felt about her betrayal. They trampled her fingers and made her scream out in pain. Her cries did not deter them. They were determined to make her pay for what she did to them

Janine and Eleina were played by this guy and instead of fighting among themselves like he had hoped for, they joined hands and beat the shit out of him. They trampled him and humiliated him inflicting a lot of pain in the process

Brutal does not even begin to describe what these mistresses did to this elderly guy. They made him lie in muddy water and trampled him with high heels before making him drink the dirty water

Skinny slave gets the full weight of the sexy mistresses, Kim and Candy as they double trample him. Their black high heel boots leave marks and indentations all over his chest and stomach and make him squeal in pain. The full weight of these two tall girls on top of his weak body is a humiliating experience for this foot slave. The two mistresses enjoy every minute of the torture.

Those evil ladies are Camille and Angie. They are having a slave laying on the ground to their sexy boots as they trample him. They laugh and humiliate him and also make him stick his tongue out to lick the dirt off their soles. He is quite not amused as one of them stands on his face with her full body weight but also isn't able to do anything against it.

Lady Katja and her Girlfriend are having their slave laying on the ground as they both trample him with their bare feet at the same time. One girl is walking over his chest as the other stomps his head. The girls are laughing and seem to be really amused by the poor suffering of their living doormat.

Two sneaker wearing young and sexy girls are having a lot of fun by torturing a slave who is helplessly delivered to them and laying on the ground next to their feet. They trample him in turn with their shoes and laugh every time he cries in pain. They also trample is head with their full weight. That poor guy is nothing more than just a living carpet to them.

Mistress Samira tramples her slave. In this clip she and her cruel girlfriend Lady Ronja are trampling her living carpet in turn. They wear sneakers and plateau boots as they stand on her victims chest with their full and entire body weight. He is wimping and moaning but both girls are having so much fun that there isn't any mercy to expect...

Those sexy young girls have their slave laying on the ground while they're fetching something to drink. They talk to each other, smoke and laugh while they stand on their slaves body with their entire weight. He painfully cries but the girls simply ignore him and increase the pressure to punish and answer his protest...

The two SadoSisters were waiting for their friend for many hours because he wanted to pick them up for a party. As he arrived much later the both decided to punish him. So they bound his hands together and trampled him as he was a human carpet. They both walked over him with their sexy high heels and whipped him with a long tail...

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