Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

All articles tagged with "Muddy Boots"

Mistress Chanel's slave is lying on the dirty outdoor ground and she will trample him with her dirty black boots. She puts the muddy soles on his body and pushes the high heels into his skin. Again and again she wipes the dirty into his shirt. While her full body weight is concentrated on his soft belly, he moans in pain. But his merciless mistress even starts jumping and ignores his complaints like always.

The dark Mistress wears a red latex suite in this clip and she looks really awesome. Her slave is leashed and follows her as she wants him to. She makes him lick the dirt off her sexy black plateaus and after that she removes her shoes so make him lick and worship her sexy bare feet which are covered with mud and dirt...

Mistress Britney enters the stable of her horse and surprises the char boy doing a bad job! She decides to punish him right now. She overwhelms him and throws him on the ground. Next he is made to lick her dirty muddy boots. After that she tramples and stomps him very amused...

Mistress Buffy and Dark Mistress took her slave into the nature to give him a hard femdom session. First the trample him under their boots and sneakers before he has to lick the mud from their shoes - followed by some hard kicks into his balls.

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