Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

Madame Marissa noticed that this guy was unreliable and she did not want anything to do with him. She told him she did not want to deal with him anymore but he did not want to listen and he continued to act like everything was ok. That was when she turned on him and she hard trampled him cruelly to make him learn his lesson and change his ways. She used her sneakers to do it.

This guy thought that just because he was a man, he could threaten and try to bully mistresses Bea, Lola, Ira, Marion and Diana and succeed in making them afraid of her. But it did not happen the way he expected it to. Instead of that, the mistresses hard trampled him with their bare feet and what was worse is that they trampled him together at the same time. It was brutal.

Mistress Vitoria had firm instructions for her chef on the kind of things he could and could not cook in her house. The mistress was pissed to learn that he had not fully adhered to her instructions and as such, she had to punish him. She did so using her hard trampling fetish. In so doing, she stomped and she crushed him to make him remember what she wanted through the pain she inflicted on him.

Mistress Courtney did not like how this receptionist had bad attitude when he was supposed to serve people well since his job depended on it. Mistress Courtney took it upon herself to teach him how to behave and she used her hard trampling fetish to teach him. She cruelly trampled and stomped on him to make sure he learned his lesson. And by the time she was done with him, he had learned.

Mistress Alice and mistress Maria felt that this guy had to be initiated into their group the proper way. The same way they had been. And so they trampled her and crushed her with their high heel boots. She was in pain but that was what it took to punish her and the mistresses did not stop until they had finished their hard trampling. She was now a full member of their group.

Mistress Gilda did not want her ex back but he kept pestering her to take him back. She was so pissed by his lack of boundaries that she had to punish him and make him learn to respect boundaries. She trampled his stomach and his chest with her bare feet and made sure he felt pain he had not felt before. She did not say much but chased him away after that.

Mistress Gilda was pissed at the way in which this guy misused stuff. She felt that he had to be punished for it because he had been warned but he did not heed the warning. It was now time for him to learn his lesson and this was done by trampling him as cruelly as she could. She did it slowly for maximum impact and pain while he cried and begged for mercy.

This guy concealed important info from mistress Gaia and she was so pissed about it that she had to teach him a lesson. She forced him to lie down after he had undressed and she used her hard trampling to punish him. The mistress made sure he was full of blisters by the time she was done trampling him. The mistress did not care about the pain the guy felt.

This guy thrived in being fake and these mistresses did not want anything to do with him. The mistresses chose to trample him and do it as cruelly as they could so that he learned never to be fake again. So they used their big boots to trample him all over his body. When his friend tried to go to his rescue, he was also made to suffer the same fate.

Mistress Elodie loves to choke and to hard trample because for her they are some of the best ways to punish someone who messes with her. So today she chose to make this slave lie down and she hard trampled him before she choked him with her smelly socks. She covered his mouth and nose with her feet while standing on his face and he both choked and was in a lot of pain.

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