Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

Brat girl Anna tramples her slave on a field of a farm. She digs her hot high heel shoes deep into his body and hands and makes him scream in pain. He not only gets this massive pain from his young merciless mistress but is also covered with dirt from her shoes when she finally decides to let go of him.

Jenny and Celine both wear hot boots. Celine's wearing her cowboy-style boots with a chunky heel and Jenny's wearing flat boxer boots. These two awesome beauties give this slave a hard trampling session. They're trampling all over his body and even his face with their boots.

Lea and Monika are two beautiful but cruel mistresses. They trample this male slave in the outdoors under their high heel boots. They trample his whole body, crotch and hands under their sexy boots and even jump on his weak body without mercy. He also has to worship their boots while they stand together on his hands.

Dominatrix Katja tramples the hands of her slaves under her cute pink high heels. The sharp heels digg deep into his hands and as he's hand-cuffed to the railing of the pool he has no chance but to endure this painful treatment. She tramples the front and back of the slave's hands under her shoes and in the end even sits down on his head, pressing his face on the hard stone steps!

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