Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

Mistress Maeva and her slave are doing a walk in the forest! She wears her favorite white leather boots - and gets angry as she notices dirt on her sole and heel. Now her slave has to take care of the shoe cleaning with his tongue. She lets him suck the dirt off her heels and soles and laughs while this humiliated loser swallows every muddy bit for her...

Mistress Katja wants to teach her slave a real trampling lesson and ordered him to lie down on the hard concrete stairs. She binds his hands to the railing and starts walking on his body wearing her sexy sneakers and doesn't care if his legs, chest or even head are hurting under the weight of her sexy body.

Mistress Samira, Lady Sandra and Lady Sabine are trampling their little foot faggot with shoes and barefoot. They step on his face, legs, hands and doesn't care if they hurt him - they are really enjoying their selves! What a lucky guy...

Jenny and Celine are both trampling their foot-victim with their sexy bare feet. They don't care if he is able to keep them both on his body, they simply step on him and make him become their human-carpet. Jenny is also stepping on his face - see her laughing and enjoying herself while she rubs her feet all over his face...

Mistress Nikky wants to test her young slave for his trampling endurance and train him for her friends that'll come over in an hour. She starts trampling him wearing her high heel boots and he's moaning in the pain these sharp heels are causing him. After a while she takes off her boots and tramples him under her bare mature feet.

The sisters want to test their new slave's endurance and start by trampling his chest. Layla's wearing sneakers and Jane's wearing high heel boots. But they not only trample his chest - they also walk over his head and stand on it - extremely painful with the high heel boots for sure!

Mistress Katja is preparing for a party later tonight. She's putting on some make up while standing on her slave's body. She's standing on him wearing no shoes first and forces her slave to clean her feet while she's trampling his chest with her other foot. In the end she puts on her sexy high heels and tramples him some more time before she takes off to her party.

BBW Lady Cathy is a heavy mistress and she tramples the slave without mercy in the living room. He's suffering under the hard soles of her feet and her enormous weight. After a while she takes her shoes off but continues to trample him under her sweaty bare feet.

Xenia tramples a weak slave under her hot brown sneakers. She tramples all over his body and face wearing them before she takes them off and continues to trample him under her socks and finally her bare feet.

French mistress Lydie tramples a slave at the beach wearing her hot high heel boots. She's looking totally awesome wearing her short skirt and black boots. Her slave also has to lick her boots while she's still trampling him.

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