Hard Trampling

All about brutal mistresses trampling their slaves hard.

The sexy SadoSisters Leyla and Jane are having so much fun making their slave lick the bottom of their shoes clean as they humiliate and taunt him for being a loser who is into feet and submissive tool He does anything those ladies want from him - what a pathetic weakling.

Those evil ladies are Camille and Angie. They are having a slave laying on the ground to their sexy boots as they trample him. They laugh and humiliate him and also make him stick his tongue out to lick the dirt off their soles. He is quite not amused as one of them stands on his face with her full body weight but also isn't able to do anything against it.

This slave is trampled by to gorgeous mistresses. Lea and Kitty commanded him to lay down on the ground into the water where they can punish him. His complete head is covered by water as they make him become their living doormat. But there's nothing he can do. Both girls are continuing their evil punishment...

The SadoSisters love nothing more than a slave being humiliated by them. In this clip they have him lay on the ground as they trample him with Inline Skates on. They step on him and make him cry and right after that they take off their wheeled shoes to make him smell them from inside. Later they trample him with their sexy bare feet.

Sexy Mistress Xenias slave is helplessly delivered to her as he lays on a sofa with his hands bound together. She walks over his body, jumps on his chest with her ankle boots on and then she takes them off to punish him with her sweaty bare feet. He takes all the punishment like a good slave...

Lady Buffy loves to punish her slave with her sexy black glossy boots. First she makes him kneel in front of her and lick her boots clean like a good little puppy. Right after that he is made to lay down on the ground in front of her so she can easily step on him with her full body weight and her sexy boots. She walks over him and stomps him with great pleasure - what a cruel mistress.

Lady Katja and her Girlfriend are having their slave laying on the ground as they both trample him with their bare feet at the same time. One girl is walking over his chest as the other stomps his head. The girls are laughing and seem to be really amused by the poor suffering of their living doormat.

Lady Melissa has her slaves hands bound together as she tramples him with her sexy tender bare feet. She walks over him, stomps his chest very violently and even jumps on him with her full body weight. He cannot escape since his hands are bound together and she continues her evil torturing session.

Mistress Claire wears her black killer boots in this clip. Her slave is laying on the ground waiting for her to use him as living carpet. She smiles down at him and begins to walk all over him. He suffers for her and she loves having his face looking that kind of tortured and punished...

Gorgeous mistress Lea tramples her living carpet with her sexy black flat ballerinas. She walks all over his chest and humiliates him by making him lick the dirt off her soles. The slave performs any command as wished and tries to obey his mistress as good as possible even as she shoves the front part of her shoes right into his mouth...

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